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Friday, September 12, 2008


I would like to send this recipe for Priyanka’s Festive Food Event –“Onam”. I would like to send one of the best and most liked desserts of Kerala “Pal Payasam”


Kerala’s “most” famous sweet dish (dessert) can easily be the traditional Pal Payasam. If you go for a traditional Kerala-Iyer wedding, you won’t fail to notice that the Pal payasam is not only served at the beginning of the meal on the plantain leaf but also during the course of the meal in massive quantities. It is served in the beginning, as we believe that every meal must start with a sweet marking sweet beginnings, It will be served again during the course by friendly “massive serving” (they always serve a lot of payasam and keep coming back to serve you more) traditional waiters clad in their white veshtis(mundus) (The veshti is a long white/off-white(cream) cloth worn around the waist and reaching below the ankles, but in Kerala, it is usually folded half way up and tucked into the waist belt fold revealing the knees to aid in easy movements while serving) and Angavastrams(a white shawl on the shoulder) serving the Pal Payasam after the rasam course and before the yogurt course which usually marks the last course of the meal, normally the payasam is served. The waiters(or sometimes relatives) who wait upon the guests to ensure that everything is served liberally and the guests are happy and satisfied usually pour the payasam from huge ladles onto the banana leaf. The guests usually relish this delicacy by trying their best not to allow it to cascade out of the banana leaf, it would be a scoop (pushing it with your palm) and a lick action….first the payasam must be deftly scooped with the hand and then licked or slurped out of it….and I have seen people enjoying it so much, although I prefer mine in a kinnam (a small bowl) as I don’t like the sweet to mix with the salted remnants of the sambhar or rasam after which course the payasam is usually served. Nor do I like the sweet remnants of the payasam stuck to my elai (plantain leaf) which will spoil the taste of my thair chadam (curd rice / yogurt rice). But I know people who would swear by how it tastes when eaten right out of a banana leaf….so slurpy and so yummy, tickling and tantalizing your taste buds.
All payasams are generally made in the Urali (a traditionally used wide mouthed flat & thick bottomed pan) and they are stirred and stirred until they get a faint pink color.

Milk – 1 and ½ litre
Rice - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Cardamom Powder – a teaspoon

Cashewnuts - 1 tbsp broken into slivers
Raisins – 1 tbs
Ghee – 1 tbsp
Boil the one litre milk in a vessel and once boiled remove from fire.
Take the half litre milk in separate vessel. Add washed rice to the boiling milk and cook for 5 to 10 minutes stirring once in a while. If the rice gets cooked in the milk slowly, the payasam tastes better , you must cook the rice till it is soft and mashed well,
but if you want to quicken your cooking time,
Add your washed rice and half litre milk in the cooker and cook upto 2 whistles(or as per your normal rice cooking time). Once this rice is cooked.
Take an Urali, add the rest of the milk i.e the boiled one litre milk and the cooked rice and milk and keep stirring constantly.
Add sugar and stir till it is dissolved. Keep stirring on a low flame till the Payasam gets a faint pink colour. Once done, remove from fire
In a small pan. take some ghee, fry the cashewnuts, raisins and cardamom powder and pour on top of the Payasam.
Your Pal Payasam is ready.

This is a Quick recipe, as using condensed milk reduces the cooking time of the Payasam.
Milk -1
Litre (since we are using condensed milk, we can reduce the quantity of milk)
Condensed Milk ½ Cup

Rice -1 Cup
Sugar - 1 Cup
Cardamom Powder – a teaspoon
Cashew nuts 1 tbsp broken into slivers
Raisins – 1 tbsp
Ghee – 1 tbsp

Cook rice in pressure cooker till 1 whistle. In an Urali, Take the milk, add the cooked rice and sugar and stir till the sugar is dissolved. Add the condensed milk. Keep stirring on a low flame till the Paysam gets a faint pink colour. Once done remove from fire.
In a small pan take som
e ghee, fry the cashewnuts, raisins and cardamom powder and pour on top of the Payasam.
Your Pal Payasam is ready.

Tip : Since condensed Milk is already sweet, the sugar can be reduced to ½ a cup, as many people don’t like very sweet Payasam. Also after adding the condensed milk, if you feel more sweet is required u can always add sugar and stir till it dissolves. I always recommend the taste and cook method.


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  1. Even I love pal payasam..thanks for the tag..have already done this one

  2. Thanks a lotz,..for sending Palpayasam for the Onam Festival,..lookin forward for more,..from u,..:-)one request isaw u have many recipes which u have tagged under southindian cuisine,.can u please tag onam recipes separately...i am thinkin of trying somethin from ur blog,..thnks again,..ceeya.,.happy weekend,..:-)and u can send pokallan too if u made and clicked pic,..

  3. Pal payasam looks yummy.Thanks for tagging me...Will do it soon.

  4. Wow payasam looks welcoming. Nice to know about u through that atg.

  5. wow..pal payasam looks really yummy..its my favourite..thanks for the tag.. have done a similar one before..let me see if I can do it again..but nice knowing you more through this..

  6. The payasam looking so yummy...Thanks for the wonderful entry for the event...and gud to know more abt U ;)

  7. Pal Payasam looks really mouth watering....It was nice reading your tagg...there are many similarities between you and me...even I still like reading Enid Blyton, love all kinds of songs

  8. yummy..I was thinking what can be easy and quick to send for the event. You just gave me a good recipe to try!

  9. nice MEME sukanya......and at the same time nice treat wih payas......

  10. nice meme..luved ur paal payasam..looks delicious..

  11. nice meme..luved ur paal payasam..looks delicious..

  12. I love palpayasam.
    Nice to know more about you.
    Thankyou for visiting my place.
    Yhere is something wrong with you date.
    In you slide show post it shows 2009

  13. Hi Sukanya, lovely Pal payasam. I too made Pal Payasam for Onam. Interesting tag.

  14. wow!!
    I love pal payasam, thanks for posting


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