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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hai Re Kaisi Uljhan Fir se Aloo Baingan

Hai Re Kaisi Uljhan Fir se Aloo Baingan
Thanks to the initiation from Lakshmi, here is my first attempt to create a comic strip.
This is for Lakshmi for her "Create a comic - announcing a fun and no cooking event".
This is fun as this event is different and also brings out your creative instincts. As a child I have always loved reading comics be it Amar Chitra Katha, Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Tinkle, Champak, Chandamama, Chacha Chaudhary or Tintin. I have always wondered what fun it must be for the people who create these wonderful comics, without them Suppandi would'nt be witty or Tantri the Mantri wouldnt be acting smart, Chamataka and doob doobs adventures wouldnt be fun nor would be Phantom and Mandrake so heroic. Thanks to Lakshmi for this event.Since the theme is "Cooking with Brinjals"So the Subject of my Comic is " Hai Re Kaisi Uljhan, Fir se Aloo Baingan"

2 bachelors living in a foreign country under the same roof sharing the house to save on the rent. Bachelor 1 does the dishes and Bachelor 2 does the cooking.
Bachelor 1 : " Whats for lunch"
Bachelor 2 : " Today Iam making aloo baingan ( Potatoes and brinjals mixed vegetable)
The next day
Bachelor 1 : " Whats for lunch"Bachelor 2 : " Baingan Aloo ( Brinjals and potato mixed vegetable)
So the first Bachelor who doesnt cook but cleans the dishes says,
Bachelor 1 : " Its the same vegetable right"Bachelor 2 : " You got it right, but sounds boring if I say the same thing all over again doesnt it? This sounds good, yesterday was aloo baingan and today it is Baingan Aloo.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


At the office lunch party
Lady In Pink : Everyday my husband calls me from work and asks me, “Whats for dinner” When I say,” Rasam (is a south Indian soup) and a curry(dry vegetable).He says, “How boring”. I get tired after a hard days work at office and I really don’t know what to cook that will cheer him up” I don’t like him sulking at the dinner table.
Lady in Blue : I think I know what you can do, cook the same thing, just garnish it well, give it a different color and bestow the dish with an exotic name and he sure will come running home to savor it.

Later that night
Husband of Lady in Pink : Hi honey, I will be reaching home by 7ish. Whats for dinner?
Lady In Pink : Mulligatawny soup, garnished with fresh coriander and handpicked potatoes tossed with chilly and freshly ground spices cooked on a slow fire to perfection
The next day at work
Lady In Pink : It worked! Thank you so much, He was so impressed and I actually cooked what I usually cook only altered the look a bit and served it very nicely.
Lady in Blue : You are most welcome. Sometimes we just need to make a few changes here and there. I even cook dishes from leftovers and my husband can’t even guess. Everything depends on how you present it.


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