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Thursday, May 5, 2005



RAHU KAALAMMy mother used to follow the Rahu Kalam whenever anything important was done. The way she used to calculate was very funny as there is a formula for it and mind you that’s in English, it goes like this “ Mother Saw Father Wearing the Turban On Sunday”. Here Mother stands for Monday and the time starts with 7.30 in the morning and the beginning of each alphabet in the formula stands for that day of the week.
7.30AM TO 9.00 AM
9.00 AM TO 10.30 AM
10.30 AM TO 12.00 hr
12.00 hr TO 1.30 PM
1.30 PM TO 3.00 PM
3.00 PM TO 4.30 PM
4.30 PM TO 6.00 PM
The Rahu Kalam is very important in Southern Part's of India. The rising period of Rahu is considered inauspicious in the South as he is considered a malefic for auspicious functions. It Varies from Place to Place, changing every day it is based on Sunrise and Sunset at your place. The time of Rahus rising differ on various days of the week.
1/8th part of each day is termed as the Rahu Kalam (The period of the north node). This part of the day is most inauspicious and should be avoided for all important activities.
Do not sign any major documents or start a new enterprise in this period. The total time of the period of rahu kalam is one and a half hours. This period will vary with different latitudes by a few minutes. For all practical purposes, it starts at 7.30 am on Monday, at 9.00 am on Saturday, but the excact time of Rahu kalam is to be calculated from the times of Sun rise and the sun set, divided by 8. The time duration of one and a half hours for every rahu kalam duration is based on the earliest division of the zodiac and the day into 16 instead of 12 as at present. In the DEVIMANA (ASHTHANGA) CALENDAR (prevalent even today for certain Devi Poojas) there are 16 months in a calendar year and 36 days in a month, 4 weeks of nine days each in every month.
Based on 24 hour clock.
MONDAY 07.30 AM – 9.00AM
TUESDAY 15.00 PM – 16.30 PM
WEDNESDAY 12.00 PM – 13.30 PM
THURSDAY 13.30 PM – 15.00 PM
FRIDAY 10.30 AM – 12.00 PM
SATURDAY 09.00 AM – 10.30 AM
SUNDAY 16.30 PM – 18.00 PM
Although Rahu kaalam period is considered inauspicious, it is considered auspicious to pray during this time.
It is considered auspicious to light a lemon lamp to Goddess Durga on Tuesdays or Fridays during the rahu kaalam period. It is believed that Goddess Durga fulfills the desires of women.
Goddess Durga is known for protecting girls and women, she is Shakti. The word Shakti in Sanskrit means “ Sacred feminine force”. She is known as Jagatmata (Mother of the World). It is considered very auspicious to pray her.
Women who desire to get married, who desire for a child, women who pray for a happy married life and a long life for their husbands, pray to the Goddess Durga by lighting a lemon lamp during the rahu kaalam period on Tuesdays or Fridays which are believed to be the days of the Devi.
It’s also said that there is a delay in the marriage of many girls as they might have a Rahu dosha. So during Rahu kaalam elders advice to keep the lemon lamp and pray. It is a very effective parihaaram and has worked for many a people. Prayers, I believe have a deep psychological effect of human minds. In the yesteryears when elders gave certain advices to do certain things for God it was also a way of making the person think positive and feel hopeful for happy days to come in their life thereby having a psychologically healing effect on people who are depressed or thinking negatively or facing sadness or grief in their lives. Isn’t lighting a lemon lamp for the Goddess and thereby making time for prayers in our life better than visiting a psychiatrist and taking anti depressant drugs which keep you lethargic through the day.
How do we light the lemon lamp?
Step 1: It is believed that 3 Ripe yellow lemons have to be taken and cut into equal halves. When you cut 3 lemons, you get 6 pieces(6 halves), one is offered to Ganapati(Lord Ganesh) who had been given the boon by Goddess Parvati (Shakti and Durga are the forms of Goddess Parvati) that he will always get the privilege of being worshipped first before any Gods and Goddesses. So one piece of the lemon lamp is offered to Lord Ganesha and the remaining 5 pieces to Goddess Durga. We must remember that the number of lemon lamps lit for the Devi have to be always Odd Numbers, so 1, 3 5, 7 or 11 as per how you pray to the Goddess.
Step 2: The juice of the lemon has to be squeezed.
Note: The juice of the lemons cannot be consumed before lighting the lamp for the devi as it will be considered as leftover(“echhal” as they say in Tamil or “jhoota” as they say in Hindi). In some temples they have a vessel where in you can squeeze the lemon, incase you wan to squeeze the lemons at home and take you can keep the lemon juice in a vessel and after you light the lamp at the temple you can do Neivedyam (offer to God and take like Prasad) and consume the juice or make lemon sherbet out of it.
Step 3 : Scoop out everything inside the lemon, and turn it inside out, so it becomes like a cup. If its very wet wipe it with a tissue, otherwise it’s okay, now introduce a thread or a wicker or a ball of cotton shaped with a wicker on top and fill the lemon with ghee
Step 4: Apply some manjal (turmeric) and kumkumam (kumkum) on both sides of the lemon. Light the lamp, praying to the Goddess simultaneously requesting her to fulfill your wishes. Place the lemon lamp at the place allotted for keeping lemon lamps in the temple and bow to the Goddess.
Apply the kumkumam offered usually in the Durga temples to your forehead. For married ladies, they must apply the kumkumam to their foreheads, to the beginning of the partition of the hair above the forehead and to the Thali (Thirmangalyam/ Mangalyam/Mangalsutra). This is done as an indication that Goddess Durga will protect their married life and the life of her husband.
This is done to ward off the malefic effects of Rahu.
Rahu's chief deity is Durga (Who is another form of Parvati).
Goddess Durga is the ugra avatar of Goddess Parvati.
When you pray to Goddess Durga, who is the presiding deity of Rahu, Rahu will be pleased and the malefic effects will be reduced.
It’s ideal to light the lemon lamp for the Devi during Rahu Kaalam.
If you cant light that in Rahu kalam, doing in Pradosha kaalam is also good. This is quite important and more powerful.
Nitya Pradosha Kaalam: One and a half hours before dusk and half an hour thereafter; assuming a 6 p.m. sunset, this would be between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. everyday.

Kalahasti, is a small town in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, It has the famous Siva temple kalahastiswara. In Kalahasti a special puja to Rahu / ketu the nodes will be performed for people with Rahu / ketu dosham in their horoscopes. You can go to Tirupati and from there take a bus and almost all the trains to Tirupati stop in Kalahasti. Kalahasti is the Pancha bhootha sthalam and Lord Shiva is residing there in the form of air or wind. This is why even now you can see in the moola sthaanam 2 deepams will be lighted and 1 will always be flickering in the presence of wind (God) while the other stays still. It is also a dosha nivarthi sthala.(where u can get rid of your doshas(wrongs)) There are never ending miracles of this temple.
This time period is usually avoided for auspicious activities. Yamaganda is the son of Guru and he is also considered inauspicious and his rising period starts from Thursday, from 6.00 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. and going backwards i.e. on Wednesday 7.30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. etc.
MONDAY 10.30 AM - 12.00 PM
TUESDAY 9.00 AM - 10.30 AM
WEDNESDAY 7.30 AM - 9.00 AM
THURSDAY 6.00 AM - 7.30 AM
FRIDAY 15.00 PM - 16.30 PM
SATURDAY 13.30 PM - 15.00 PM
SUNDAY 12.00 PM - 13.30 PM

Gulika is also called Mandi (i. e. the son of Manda alias Shani). His rising period is also not auspicious. Not only that, the raashi where he stands is not also used for auspicious functions. He rises twice a day. Once in day and other at night. However, inauspicious time is given 1 hours every day, starting from Saturday (Being son of Saturn) 6.00 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. and going backwards i.e. Friday, 7.30 to 9.00 a.m., and Thursday 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 Yamaganda Kalam
SUNDAY 15.00 PM TO 16.30 PM
MONDAY 13.30 PM TO 15.00 PM
TUESDAY 12.00 PM TO 13.30 PM
WEDNESDAY 10.30 AM TO 12.00 PM
THURSDAY 9.00 AM TO 10.30 AM
FRIDAY 7.30 AM TO 9.00 AM
The Rahu, Gulika and Yamaganda are not considered in Maharashtra and other Northern states of India.
These things are totally based on personal beliefs and need not be strictly followed unless you are going to have some major event or activity in your life like signing a contract etc.
I hope this information proves useful to you. I have assimilated this info for educational purposes only, so that all are aware of this. I am not an expert and wouldnt be able to guide or help anyone as far as this is related.


  1. Thank you for enlightening on Raghu, gulika and yamakanda kalam !!!!

  2. also you can chant the mantra

    Om Dum Durgayei Namaha daily 108 or 1008 times daily.Chanting during Bramha murtham and evening between 430 to 6 and in afternoon between 12 to 12 20 increases power of mantra chanting

    For good alliance women can pray to
    saint Lord sri Ragavendra of mantralayam.You will get good husband

    om sri ragavendraya namaha.

  3. it is nice reading about ragu kalam and i did light lemon lamp for 9 weeks on tuesday to get married to the one i love and it worked. i light the lamp at home. i'm still ligthing the lamp at home for the happiness of my family. i hear we should do it at is that true. i'm a working women, to go to the temple ive hardly the time. pls advice.

    1. Nice to read ur comment. Getting hope.
      Thank u

  4. can i light the lamp at home? i did light to get married to my husband and it worked. is it alright to light hte lemon lamp at home?

  5. What is considered as auspisious time to initiate about marriage talks. Oneof the alliance they came to our house exactly at 11.50am on sunday morning just 10 mins before yamaganda kala. and stayed till 12.30. normally they should have been out of our place before 12.

  6. @ Paramasivan - An elderly lady once told me that since it's offered to the Goddess it's best to light the lamp at the temple of the Goddess. There's also another thought that if incase the lamp extinguishes we may feel bad, so it's best to light it and leave it behind.

  7. @ Vinuji - It's best to initiate talks for a marriage alliance in an auspicious time.

  8. Hi ma I'm Hema from Malaysia.....I really wanted to do this Pooja since few years but one of my relative told me not to light the lamps in lemon since there are strict rules to observe if we were to light the lamps in lemons so she advised me to light the lamps in earthen divas if I wanted to do the Pooja. She also told me that if we still do that in lemons can give us adverse effects as this was told to her by one of the temple priest I really have no idea how far it is true. That is the reason I'm not doing it till now. Please advise on this. Tq

  9. @hema.. usually during such confusions you can ask your family sage/priest/guru
    I'm from south India and here it is very common to do this pooja ..

  10. iam lighting the lemon lamps at my home

  11. As i Am through rahu maha dasha,carieer badly effected can i do rahu deepam at rahu kaal in front of Hanuman ji or Ganesh ji or Rahu deepam is only applicable for Maa Durga? kindly advice.

  12. Can I put rahu deepan in front of Hanuman ji also ?

  13. very nice post! Maa durga mantra is so powerful that when chanted Goddess Durga herself shower her blessings in the form of happiness and prosperity.Thanks for providing it.

  14. I am lighting lemon lamp at home on Friday and Saturday morning each week...

  15. Do we have to observe fast on the day of lighting the lamp,for example how to do it on tuedays?

  16. can i offer lamon lamp to goddess parvati instead of maa durga...??

  17. can i offer lamon lamp to goddess parvati instead of maa durga...??

  18. Can lighting on Tuesday and Friday both days

  19. Can i light lemon lamp at morning


  20. Jeevitha long have you been lighting lemon deep during rahu kaal

  21. Rahukaal or Rahukalam is considered most inauspicious time of the whole day Rahu Kalam Time in Your City. Our Rahu Kaal below is accurate Rahu Kalam Time in Your City Rahu Kaal calculated for your City.

  22. Lemon lamp should be lit for how long for rahu dosha in the kundli

  23. Hi. Can we lighten lemon lamp during pregnancy?

  24. What is we have menstrual in between of our 9weeks prayers. Is it possible and what re we supposed to do on that time

    1. During menstruation we cannot go to the temple or offer the prayers. One Tuesday gets added on in lieu of the missed day.


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