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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Kitchen Connect is a modest effort of the Indian foodie bloggers at Singapore to come together and share their ideas, host events and take blogging @ Singapore to a whole new level on blogosphere. It was initiated by Lakshmi who was inspired by other chains on blogosphere. Kudos to her to come up with such brainwaves and take the efforts to bring together all the busy talented women on a common platform. This was the first time I attended the Kitchen Connect Meet, although it is the second meet. It was mind boggling and absolutely great to see the faces behind those blogs. We all queued up at the Toast Box to order for our own coffee or tea, we did need something hot to to break the ice, for the ideas to start flowing, to boost our spirits and drinks always keep the conversation going on don’t they.
Priyanka got us some home made samosas, spicy and good to go with our Toastbox tea(tea which cannot make us happy as we are so used to having masaledaar tea made with boiling hot milk, nothing can beat the Indian tea or so I think).
Vani was tied up with something so she came after the ice-breaker session was over. I did want all of us to play a guessing game with her and make her recognize us if she could, but Lakshmi couldn’t resist cueing her, it was fun.
Vani got some crunchy munchy Tengozhal (known as Murukku in this part of the world). Lakshmi treated us with the finest biscuit baked by her with a hint of ginger, the best part was; it was eggless(much to my pleasure), she also treated us to Dry fruit Halwa. So I can say we started with a sweet and ended with a sweet and hope to have sweet beginnings all the way for us Singapore Indian bloggers.
Now this meet was special, as there was a blogging event associated with it. Each blogger would bring in a secret ingredient and a tip on how to cook it. Chits were made with names of the attendees and each person was asked to pick up one chit. I picked up the chit with Priyanka’s name on it and Priyanka had lovingly packed for me ingredients to make Gulabi Firni (Firni with dried Rose petals, the recipe is available on her site Asankhana. She had also packed in loads of gifts, a beautiful hand painted T-shirt, a very cute stenciled painting of Lord Ganesha and instructions written down on a scroll hanging with wooden beads prepared by her. This event is like a relay race, the person who gets the ingredient blogs the recipe on her blog with a reference to the blog of the person who gave her the ingredient and this happens with all the KC attendees. Isn’t that exciting. So many new recipes and so many ideas. After all the brainstorming session we decided to disburse after discussing about the next KC meet. So we all parted ways hoping for a better future for the blogging scene @ Singapore.

So here’s my secret recipe;

Since Priyanka had already made the Gulabi Firni and blogged it in her blog Asankhana, I thought why not give it a twist. So the twist is……I made Gulabi Firni with Apple. So it’s a fruity-flowery twist to this delightful sweet.
Priyanka had given me the exact measurements, which Iam going to copy paste from her blog for everyone’s benefit.
Milk - 300ml
Apple – 1 medium sized
Freshly grounded rice powder - 4 tbsps
Sugar – 5-6 tbsps
Milkmaid - 1 tbsp
Crushed French rose petals of 6 roses
Some rose petals for garnish
Peel the apple, chop it into very small pieces, In a pan add the apples and ½ a cup water and 2tbsps sugar and boil, the apples will become soft. Keep aside.Boil the milk in a pan, when the milk starts boiling, reduce the flame and add in the remaining sugar followed by the rice powder, Now add in the boiled apples in the milk, boil for about 2 minutes on a low flame, keep stirring. Now add the crushed rose petals and milk maid and simmer for 2 minutes and remove from flame. Once cool, refrigerate it. Serve chilled garnished with rose petals.
Hope you enjoy this delicious and exotic fruit and flower concoction, the way I enjoyed making and eating it.
Could I patent this too………………..


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