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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Since a lot of good movies have suddenly been released at one go, me and Yo were on a movie marathon and what better way to enjoy it if not with a bag of homemade popcorn. I don’t enjoy the popcorn popped in the machine in the theatre stalls somehow. So I usually sneak my own homemade popcorns in. People may say popcorns are popcorns wherever you may have it and however you may have it. I beg to differ…..once you have had homemade popcorns you would never enjoy the Microwaveable popcorns that are sold in the market or the theatre stall popcorns, the reason being these have excessive artificial salts, some kind of butters(which make the roof of your mouth feel slippery) and excessive husks which stick to your teeth.
So here is my recipe for Homemade crunchy munchy tasty popcorns
Corn Kernels – 2 tbsps
Vegetable cooking Oil – 1 tbsp
Salt as per taste
You need a big deep cooking wok to pop the corn kernels.Dont’t use a small wok as you’ll probably end up popping more than your wok can hold.
Add one tbsp oil or enough to cover the corn kernels. Add some salt and mix well. Keep the gas on high. Don’t cover at this point keep mixing the kernels with the salt, so they get well coated. When the first kernel pops, immediately cover the wok and enjoy the pop-pop sound. Once the pop-pop sound subsides or almost reduces to one pop, put off the gas. You will notice that the lid of the wok has risen and 2tbsps of corn kernels have given you almost 2 bags of popcorns equivalent to one jumbo pack of popcorn that they sell in the theatres.
A low fat version would be replacing the vegetable oil with Olive Oil
And for those who can afford the calories , you can use butter


  1. I find the microwave popcorn packets so easy that I've never ever tried making it from the scratch.
    I like your pesto recipe.

  2. hey me too i sued to make it days dont ..ur looks fluffy and mouthwatering

  3. wow .. u made em at home .. lovely .. i too must try it n also catch up on movies

  4. wow popcorns and Movies what a fundoo combination, will try ur version instead of packet ones

  5. wow! yummy! i too prepare in the same way!

  6. yummy yummy ones..anytime ready for a bag of popcorn..yours look great!

  7. I make them in a cooker pan and close the lid without gasket and perfect popcorns is made..your's look good too..

  8. That popcorn looks perfect! Haven't tried making it so far... and your pesto looks beautiful. I've recently started using a mortar and pestle and love the texture.

  9. My mom use to make popcorn too..I tried a few times but now more relying on packets one's :(...should try again with your method

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  11. wow,,u made popcorns at home..have to try them!!Looks like you are having a rocking time nowadays..


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