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Monday, September 17, 2007

STRAWBERRY LASSI (a Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie)

STRAWBERRY LASSI (A Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie)
Strawberry Lassi is an exotic variation of the plain Lassi. A fruit Lassi which is nutritious and tasty. Strawberry is rich in Vitamin C, Fibre, Potassium, Folate and Anti-oxidants.
Saw some really good strawberries on offer and decided to make Strawberry Lassi. Its simple and tastes really good.
Strawberries – 10-12 Ripe berries
Thick Yogurt – 4 cups
Milk – 1cup
Sugar – 5-6 tbsp
Ice cubes – 4-5
The above measurements can make 4-5 tall glasses of Lassi.

While buying the strawberries, choose the ripe ones which have a deep red color, this will give your Lassi a good color. De-stem the strawberries and Wash it well. In a mixie/blender, Blend the strawberries and sugar. The reason I used more sugar is because strawberries are sour and Yogurt can be sour at times, if you want you can reduce the measurement of sugar in the recipe. Pour the Thick yogurt, Milk and add in the ice cubes into the blender, blend well, if required you can add some more sugar and run the blender. Run the blender for about 1 minute. Till all the ingredients mix well and become one uniform mixture. Add water if required to dilute the thickness, the lassi should be in pouring consistency. Pour into a tall glass tumbler. Add some ice cubes if required. Serve chilled. Enjoy your Strawberry Lassi.

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