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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Here is a recipe of one of my favorite thogayal or thuvayal as some say and that is the vengaya thogayal or Onion & Coconut chutney. It tastes so yum that once you have made it you will crave for more. First I will share with you the recipe for the Vengaya chutney. The Thogayal recipe is the same with a slight variation. I will also share with you the Onion-Tomato Chutney recipe. The basic recipe for all 3 remains the same

3 med. sized Onion or 2 Big onions or can use half a cup of peeled Chinna Vengayam or madras onions.
2 tsp. Udad Dal
2 tsp. Chana Dal

4 Dry Red Pepper
1/2 tsp. Imli (tamarind) paste
2 table spoon Oil
Fry the dals and the red pepper in 1/2 tsp oil until it gets roasted and keep it aside.
Cut the onion into little pieces and fry in the remaining oil until its wilted….dont mak
e it too red or deep fried.
Grind the roasted dals, onion, tamarind paste, and salt (to taste) into a paste
Serve it with puri, chappathi, rice, dosa and idli.

Variations to the recipe
  • VENGAYA TOMATO CHUTNEY (ONION-TOMATO CHUTNEY) : To the above recipe add one ripe tomato and fry it like the onions and grind to paste along with the other ingredients.(Follow the above recipe)
  • VENGAYA THOGAYAL (ONION THOGAYAL) : The above recipe is for Vengaya chutney, When you add coconut to the this recipe it is Vengaya Thogayal, the rest of the ingredients remain the same. Add half a cup of coconut to the above recipe. Dry roast the coconut in the kadhai till slightly pink and starts giving aroma. Then grind along with the other ingredients. This thogayal/chutney tastes so good even when it becomes a day or 2 old. But refrigerate it for preserving it.
    Its a must try!!!......


  1. [Iyer123] Recipe for Thogayal.....: A Response

    [Iyer123] Recipe for Thogayal.....: A Response

    If my retirement has brought one thing in ample measure which was at a premium when I was in service, it is TIME. Now I have all the time to experiment my hitherto hidden culinary talents and show off my being a gourmet. In the process, my family members understandably are put in some helplessness now and then. But lady member Sukanya’s ‘Thugayal’ recipe was instant hit amongst all of us. Thanks.
    And hey, there are good variations too. For instance I substituted onion with ‘Peerthankaai’ (Ridgegourd?). Removed the skin; took the pulp as the major ingredient and the rest of the procedure like saute etc. remained the same. The result was a nice ‘thugayal- paste –spread’ for the bread toast. Real yummy.
    That is when my daughter came up with an input, “Appa, try with carrots as a substitute next time”. And need I say more? Simply put, it was a situation of “Dil maange more”
    By way of additional ingredient I did add a pinch of ‘Kaayam/perumkaayam/ asafoetida to enhance the flavour and fragrance. I believe it is light on the stomach too.
    So, when do we see lady member Sukanya’s recipe book to replace my dog eared reference book “Samaitthuppaar” of Meenakshi Ammal fame? Hopefully soon.

    V V R
    27th May


  2. Dear Ms. Sukanya,

    I wanted to let you know that I find your recipes very useful and actually I have been saving them for some time now.

    As regarding the use of onions and garlic, I have also read that they have tremendous good qualities as vegetables, especially when garlic is recommended to be eaten raw to control high blood pressure. I have seen these as part of our family kitchen (following all brahmin acharams) for as long as I can remember, and I will continue to use them as well.

    I am looking forward to your next recipe...please do not get discouraged from writing as your contribution is always enjoyable to read and fun to try out.
    Thank you,
    Priya Ananth, ananthpriya@...


    The recipe was excellent - thanks!. And am saying that because not only am i a bachelor (all recipe's welcome!), but because i think a nice way to get these (especially garlic) into the system is via your recipe than have medicated garlic pills / drops / tablets to keep the heart healthy.

    Raju, rajumatix@...
    P.S - Plus, is a welcome addition to what i only know to prepare as of now - Rice n Rasam !

    Hi all,

    Carrots, Chow-chow aka Cheyotte aka Bangalore Kathirikai, Red Bell Peppers, Mint leaves, Coriander leaves etc etc can also be used for thogayal. I tried Red pumpkin and that tasted good too.

    Priya MN, mnpriya@...

    I would recommend it to VVR to try making Thuvayal with Kovakkai, Cabbage or Pudalangai etc. using the same recipe and method. The thuvayal will taste superb!

    A. Ranganathan(ranvasa


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