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Wednesday, February 5, 2003



Sage Narada had a desire to know how Krishna was able to keep his thousands of wives happy and contented and attend to all of them everyday. So one day, he came to Dwaraka and entered the palace of Rukmini where he saw Krishna being fanned and served by her. He was greeted by the Lord and given an honorable seat. After sometime, he took leave and entered the hosue of Satyabhama and saw there Krishna playing a game of dice with her, with Uddhava sitting by his side. On seeing Narada, Krishna got up and welcomed him as if he was meeting him for the first time that day. Narada then left that house and entered another where he saw Krishna playing with his babies. He entered another

house and saw in each of them Krishna engaged in various activities, such as preparing to go for his bath, performing his morning worship, teaching the children, and so on. Narada then entered the durbar hall and saw Krishna engaged in discussions with the

minister’s. Wherever he went, he saw Krishna in his innumerable forms, somewhere spending his time in the midst of courtiers, somewhere hunting and so on. Narada was thrilled at this experience of the One Lord manifesting at all places simultaneously in different forms. Wherever he looked he saw only Krishna. He was overcome with wonderment and praised Him with hymns. Krishna then spoke to him thus "O great sage! You know My Tatwa. I sustain righteousness in this world. In order that the world may not swerve from the righteous path, I have assumed the role of a great householder

now. Why should you get deluded by this Maya of Mine?" Narada prostrated to the Lord and went to the higher worlds singing the glory of Krishna.

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