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Thursday, December 12, 2002



-If you starve, you lose weight! What is the secret? To be told eat less and exercise, is common sense if you want to lose weight. In fact, I find that when a person is on diet, you think of food much more than ever. The important thing is to know your body, identify your wrong eating habits and correct them. Be aware of what you are ingesting and calculate its repercussions.

-The best way is to start the day with a fruit. I do believe if you eat boiled egg in the morning, you don’t feel too hungry even at lunch. Don’t skip carbohydrates at lunch, or you will never make it through till evening. If faced with an irresistible dessert, have one bite and satiate yourself, and resist the second bite. To lose weight, skip carbohydrates after 7 pm.

-Eat less, occupy your mind with something constructive and maintain an exercise routine.

-Exercise is important for a body tone on the outside, and, to increase metabolism on the inside. Also exercise clears the head and is therapeutic.

-Just starving never does good. It takes away the glow from the face and makes one irritable and low. The idea is to maintain a certain lifestyle, with good food habits, instead of crash diets. It is the only way to maintain yourself and not have your weight fluctuating.

-Once you loose the excessive kilos on your body your skin tends to get flabby.Exercise is the only method to tighten the skin, which has become loose after loosing weight. Oil massage can also help. Body toning and firming exercises will be fine. A Gym instructor will be able to guide more on the pattern of exercises routine that you must follow.

- Yoga helps you to have a beautiful body.

- Having an oil bath (Applying oil to your entire body) once in a week keeps your skin moisturized and you can avoid flaking and itchy skin.

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