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Monday, August 1, 2011


This will feature dishes concocted by me.  Usually there are traditional ways of cooking a certain dish. Same dish is cooked in different ways in different states of India and also in different parts of the world. Human being has a tendency to get bored easily. Variety is the spice of life. No wonder then that so many fusions took place in the culinary world. Spices that were brought from India by the East India company started being used in Britain. Coffee from Brazil was enjoyed by people in Europe. Mediterranean and Continental food have found its place in a traditional place like India. Thai food is eaten in USA, Chinese food enjoyed in Europe. Pizzas, Burgers and Noodles have captured the world and the list is endless. We can see that what was traditionally cooked and relished in certain parts of the world are not the only thing that’s being eaten by them. People in their relentless pursuit for variety and change have sought solace in food from other countries. Some countries like India where the taste buds of people find it difficult to adapt to foreign cuisines have devised their own fusions, so here you see Chinese food cooked with some Indian spices, this has been done to alter the taste to suit the Indian palette and this has given birth to a whole new genre of fusion cuisines. Such fusions have happened all over the world. A foreign cuisine is taken and altered to suit the taste of the local people. This has always worked. People like to try new recipes and flavors but they find it more comforting if it has the flavors, spices & tastes that is near to their own cuisines. Food has always been something which has provided comfort to man and there is no doubt that people like food which they find comforting to them.  

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