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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I saw the recipe of Coconut Ice-cream on Priyanka’s blog and a wave of nostalgia engulfed me as I reminisced about my college days when I use to patronize the Naturals Ice-cream parlor which was a rage then(mid-90’s), the reason was I think people were tired of the Vanilla, strawberry, pista and tuti-fruity flavors and the other thing was the ice-cream at the Naturals parlor were so fresh, creamy, delicious and completely organic with no additives or preservatives and the best part was it was eggless(no eggs), so it was suitable to vegetarians. I am a vegetarian since time immemorial, but sadly I am not a complete vegan, I am a lacto vegetarian. Lacto-vegetarianism includes dairy products but excludes eggs.
Coming back to the Naturals Parlor they used to have some exotic flavors like
watermelon, sitaphal(custard-apple), guava, mulberry, kala-jamun, tender coconut etc.
I used to try out the new flavors and one such flavor that had left its memory etched on my tongue was the tender coconut flavor, so light, smooth and refreshing, almost like a sorbet and it got over so soon. I got the opportunity to have this again in some 5 star hotel at Thailand, after marriage the name of which I can’t remember and I almost forgot about it until I saw Priyanka’s recipe, but her recipe had eggs and I wanted to make it without eggs, so here is my original recipe for Coconut Ice-cream with coconut milk and tender coconut and some healthy agar-agar.
Tender coconut – 1
Coconut milk – 500ml
Milk cream – 170gms
Full cream boiled milk – 2 cups
Condensed milk – 4 tbsps
Sugar – 2-3 tbsps
Agar – Agar powder – 2 tbsps
Take 1 cup water, put in 2 tbsps of the Agar-Agar powder and keep it on the gas on a low flame. It will become viscous. Turn off the flame. Let it cool.
Agar agar is a seaweed derivative and because it is gelatinous in nature, it is used as a quick setting base for many desserts. It is flavorless in nature and will set even in room temperature. I have used Agar–Agar powder in this recipe as it gives the ice-cream a softness that can’t be achieved using an agar-agar stick. You can use either of the two.
Break the tender coconut and use ¼ cup of the coconut water, mix it with the agar agar solution. The coconut inside I cut into small pieces and kept aside.
Boil 2 cups of milk and let it cool down.
Beat the cream until it thickens a bit, put in a vessel. Keep aside.
I used coconut milk straight from the packet, which saved a lot of time & energy involved in grating the coconut, grinding and straining it.
Take the full cream boiled milk, the coconut milk, the condensed milk & sugar and blend in a food processor.
Mix this with the thickened cream in the vessel and blend with a whisk, then add the agar-agar and coconut water solution and whisk some more. You will see that the mixture is becoming frothy. Whisk it well and put this into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. After it sets, blend it again in the food processor and keep it for setting, check the texture of the ice-cream, if you feel it is icy-crisp, blend once more, until it becomes smooth and uniform, add in the pieces of the tender coconut, into it and whisk and let it set. You can even add coconut flakes instead of tender coconut pieces. So when you dunk into your exotic coconut ice cream, you get some chunky soft coconut pieces in your mouth.
Make this simple & exotic ice-cream and chill yourself during the hot summers.

I would like to send my coconut Ice-cream to PJ's Let's Go Nuts Event featuring coconut


  1. Wow.. coconut icecream..Looks so creamy and smooth. Eggless too. Drooling here...

  2. I love love coconut ice cream andthis looks so so yumm.

  3. looks yumm..i too love the natural flavours...

  4. cooooooooool.......sukanya.....soon I'll try this recipe........

  5. I am also a fan of Naturals. All their flavours are yummy. Last week I had kala jamun. Thanks for sharing the tender coconut recipe.

  6. Wow coconut ice cream sounds delicious!! i too love natural flavors...

  7. You have a lovely site here... The coconut icecream is heavenly...

  8. This one sounds like an absolute winner !

  9. Ur post reminds me of delicious Natural Ice cream......simply love their tender coconut ice cream and not to 4get their other natural flavours like lychee, sitaphal and chocolate and roasted almonds

  10. Looks so delicious and soothing....perfect for summer...

  11. Ice cream looks divine..have never tried coconut ice cream..I am sure it must have tasted deeeeelicious;)

  12. wow! the icecream looks really tempting. wish i had it here in my hand now :)

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  14. Please accept a gift from my blog dear:)

  15. Wow - I just had dinner and want this for dessert!

  16. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks easy to follow. I can't wait using my Celebes Coconut Milk from


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