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Monday, August 11, 2008


This is my entry for Srilekha’s Icecreams and Milkshakes Event
This is my daughter’s favorite drink. Whenever we eat outside, she will make it a point to order this if it is on the menu. I am not sure if this drink is available anywhere else, I think this would be a Singapore special drink and may have originated here. The recipe is simple and kids adore this drink.
Milo – 1 ½ tbsp
Water – ¼ glass
Milk – ¾ glass
Sugar – 2 tsps (as required)
Icecream – 1 scoop (Preferably Vanilla or Chocolate)
In the glass/tumbler that you are serving, Add 1 tbsp of Milo, 2tsps Sugar and ¼ glass of hot water and stir well, Top it with boiled milk, stir well, Check for sugar, if more sugar is required, add, stir and chill it in the refrigerator. When cool, use a hand blender to work up a froth. This increases the volume of the Milo and makes it look like Expresso Milo (just like Expresso Coffee).
Use a transparent glass/tumbler so that the kids can see how attractive the drink looks. Top it up with a scoop of icecream, Vanilla or Chocolate flavor icecream goes best with this drink and on top sprinkle the remaining ½ tbsp of Milo powder with a tea strainer.
Put in a straw and serve this deliciously refreshing and nutritious drink to your kids.


  1. lovely refreshing drink..
    BTW this event is srilekha's ..

  2. Thanks Sowmya, Typo Eroor, was seeing Srivalli's blog at the same time.

  3. Nice one son loves cold milo too..

  4. awards for you waiting in my blog!!

  5. Sukanya,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, a Bottle of Milo is lying in my cupboard and was about to throw it..
    Now I ve Milo Dinosaur to my rescue...

  6. That's a nice one...picture is so nice

  7. hi
    i haven't received ur entry yet! chek out whether u send it to coreect id! check out the id once again and kindly inform me once u send the entry!

  8. Thanks LG, Sowmya, Priyanka, Purva & Priti. Srilekha I had sent the entry to your ID. I have re-sent it again. Please check and let me know. Thanks

  9. actually i didnt receive ur entry for the event to my mail id and however i considered it as it is posted as per the rules of the contest an am very sorry for not posting it in the round up on time and now i have updated it and hope u feel happy


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