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Friday, August 8, 2008


Priti our KC member from Singapore and Purva from London are hosting the Festive
Food Event and since Rakshabandhan is round the corner their theme is Rakhi - "The Thread of love".

I belong to Tamilnadu where we dont have the tradition of Rakhi, but I was born and brought up in Mumbai, which is so cosmopolitan that we learn to adapt to different cultured and traditions and celebrating as many festivals as we can is always fun. We do have another festival that coincides with Rakshabandhan festival and on festival days we usually have a fixed menu fare as certain vegetables are avoided and only certain vegetables are cooked. We cook many dishes like Sambhar, Rasam, Avial, Dry curry(poriyal), Payasam, Pachadi, papadam, Vadai etc. I have noticed that during festivals Amma usually either makes Cabbage poriyal or beans poriyal.
So here is my recipe for Cabbage Poriyal..........

Cabbage Poriyal
Some call the dry sabzi "curry", some call it poriyal, some call it upkari and yet others call it palya, but in my house we use to call it podutuval. So here’s amma’s recipe of Cabbage podutuval.
Cabbage – 1 medium sized
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Udad dal - 1 tsp
Chana dal - 1 tsp
Green or Red chillies – 1-2
Ginger grated – 1tsp
Grated Coconut - 2 tbsp
Turemric powder – 1 tsp
Asafetida – a pinch
Salt to taste
Chop the Cabbage, rinse in a colander and keep aside. Heat the oil in a wok and add the mustard seeds, when they start to splutter add the udad and chana dals, when they are slightly pink add in the chillies broken into 2 pieces and the grated ginger, fry for a minute. Now add the cabbage, turmeric powder, salt to taste and hing and mix well, Cook closed with a lid on a low flame and let it cook in its own juices. Open after about 3-4 minutes. Add some water if required. Cook till the cabbage is done. Once the cabbage is totally dry, Add the grated coconut and mix well and cook for another 2 minutes till you get the faint aroma of the coconut.
Serve hot with chappati, rice and dal.
Beside the Plates are Rakhis made by me. I will be posting how I made the Rakhis and close-up photos of the Rakhis soon in my hobby blog


  1. Poriyal looking gud ..and you made that tht's a nice one...Thanks for the entry

  2. Sukanya!
    Thank you for your wonderful entry and lovely description of the event, eventhough Rakhi is not celebrated at your end.
    Cabbage poriyal looks really delicious and Rakhis are simply cute.

  3. Hi Dear forgot to tell you, you can send the Rakhi to Vani's blog too she is hosting Rakhi making event :) Check this

  4. hi sukanya,nice rakhis very colourful and the thali looks delicious,..nic eversion of cabbage too,..have mailed u regarding ur queries,..

  5. Nice Rakhis and Recipes too.... U have an award on my blog award section...

  6. Thanks Priti, Indian, Priyanka and Anisheetu


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