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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Being a housewife, which as everyone knows is a thankless job, I used to keep complaining to my husband, You never appreciated the "dal(lentil soup) I made, Isn't the curry very tasty today This made me ponder on all those times when I didnt thank my dearest darling mom for all the lovely dishes that she used to rustle up for us over the years. This made me realize that we take our own people for granted usually.

But since I started receiving Awards from my dearest blogger friends @ blogosphere, I feel so happy and satiated that I dont look forward to appreciation from dearest hubby and now I realize that he appreciates even without being asked for it. Isn't that great?

Here is a Friendship Award that Lakshmi has been so kind enough to bestow upon me.

Thanks LG for this sweet friendship and making me feel so loved and cared for in blogosphere.

I would love to pass this onto my fellow blogger friends

Lakshmi (I cant resist passing this to you again for I really feel so thankful)Sowmya, Priyanka & Anisheetu.


  1. Thanks for the awards and the lucky tag too...that awla pickle sounds really delicious...

  2. Btw , you have a lovely hobby blog too...nice one..
    Seems like you are getting time for blogging nowadays,,,hope to see you for the meet on saturday...

  3. Thanks a lot dear for the award....

  4. hi.//thnks a lot for theaward,..lookin forward to mee u in the meet,..will try ur version of batata vada soon,..btw whydon u send it for swc mahatashtra

  5. Congrats on the award... never heard of sabu dana wada! Good one


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