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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Lord Krishna showed many signs indicating his divine being right from the time he was born. Here are some of the famous incidents from the childhood of Lord Krishna. These incidents are also known as his leela’s. The leela’s of Lord Krishna as an overgrown and naughty child make him seem more human and easy for us to relate to. Each incident teaches a separate lesson to us and brings us closer to the miraculous Lord Krishna.
Stories of Lord Krishna’s exploits (leela’s) as a child are most fascinating, his leela’s are entertaining for young and old alike and I would like to include his leela’s in my blog.

One day when Lord Krishna was a small boy he saw a lady passing by selling fruits. When he saw the fruits in her basket, Lord Krishna was tempted. He called out to the fruit seller to come to his door. Then Krishna went to his mother Yashodha and asked her, ‘Amma! Give me some grains I want to buy some fruits.” Ma Yashodha gave some grains to Lord Krishna. He took them in his hands and came out to give it to the fruit seller in return for the fruits. The fruit seller put the grains into her basket. With her eyes full of love for the lord, she kept the fruits into his hands. When she looked down there were no grains in her basket, instead there was a heap of precious stones and gems

So, was Lord Krishna’s leela, the fruit seller gave the fruits in return for a palm full of grains as the kid was very adorable and she didn’t have the heart to deny him. She offered the fruits to make the lord happy and she got valuable gems in return for perishable fruits. Similarly when we offer something to the lord (action, duty, work, even our thoughts) which is known as “krishnaarpanam”(surrender to the lord) they will become pure, precious and everlasting.

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