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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


There was a great feast at the house of Nanda and Yashodha. Yashodha found that her child had gone off to sleep and so she put him to bed under a cart which contained vessels full of milk, curd and butter.
Kansa had sent Sakatasura to kill baby Krishna. Sakatasura took the form of the cart so that he wont be seen killing the baby. After some time, the child opened his eyes, he was hungry and cried for his milk. As Yashodha was busily engaged in receiving her guests, she did not hear Sri Krishna’s cry. Demon Sakatasura saw this as an opportunity and before anyone would come hearing the little baby cry, he started pressing the baby with the cart with the intention of crushing the little baby as per Kansa’s orders.
Lord Krishna knew this, with just a push of his little foot he kicked the cart. The cart was upset, the wooden wheels were shattered, The axles which are fitted inside the naves of the wheels with iron tubes were broken, the bow yoke which is a shaped wooden crosspiece bound to the necks of a pair of oxen yoke was shattered and the cart was overturned spilling milk, curd and butter on the ground. The pots were shattered and milk started flowing into his mouth. Hearing the noise and cry of the demon everyone came out. The Gopas and Gopis were struck with wonder. They could not believe what their eyes saw. Lord Krishna the baby was drinking the milk falling from the cart into his mouth and there was a dead Asura lying at the other end of the cart.
The boys who were playing there told the Gopas and the Gopis, that the child Krishna while crying had overturned the cart by his kicks.
They did not realize the immeasurable strength of that child. They were wonderstruck that the little baby had so much power as to break and overturn the cart. Yasodha tried to explain away the event as the work of some other demon like Putana trying to injure her dear darling child, Krishna.
Thus Lord Krishna killed the demon Sakatasura by kicking the cart with his tiny feet.

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