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Friday, October 8, 2004

Verum Arishi Adai (Only Rice Adai)

Hi Members,
Coming abroad changes a lot of makes you crave for our Indian food, specially the home food which we actually never cared for or appreciated about.
Here is the recipe for Verum Arishi Adai which is slowly slipping out of our lives.
My grandmother used to dish out some of the most crispy and tasty verum arishi adais.

Verum arishi adais.
one cup boiled rice
a small quart of raw rice
fresh grated coconut
a teaspoon of edible coconut oil

Verum arishi adai is also known as kal kanji dosai.(kal as in stone)
You have to soak par boiled rice one cup and a small quart of raw rice. then grind this into a fine paste, add some salt and fresh grated coconut.
Now take a kadhai(pan) and pour one cup water, take 3/4ths of the batter and stir with the water in the kadhai on a low flame till u get a slight kanji like taste. , add a teaspoon pf the coconut oil.
Tip :Mind you, the flame should be very low and u should keep constantly stirring lest it form lumps
The reason we take only 3/4ths of the batter is, incase the consistency becomes very watery u will have the 1/4 batter to mix with it. Then as usual u must pur some oil on a tava and pour the batter of verum arishi adai and cook it both sides until crisp.
Tip : You cannot roll it like the conventional dosai on the will be like how we make maida or rava u must pur it on a round shape without leaviong much gaps and then try to shape it on the tava.q1qj
It can be served with some coconut chutney or molagapodi (popularly known as gunpowder).
This preparation is very good for health, very easy to digest and lip-smackingly tasty.

This journey will continue.....and there will be recipes galore....until then chao

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