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Friday, July 25, 2008


This is my entry for the JFI August-"Flower Power", which is very interesting and gastronimically exciting and since I live in the garden city of the world" Singapore", I cant let this one pass. Soulfood is organising this JFI.
Neem Flower Chutney (Vepam Poo Pachadi)
Everyone is aware of the medicinal properties that neem has. It is commonly known as Margosa tree in English, the biological name is Azadirachta indica. Every part of the neem tree, which includes bark, leaves, branches, fruit, roots, flowers, etc is beneficial. Neem Flower is very healthy. The neem flower not only acts as a blood purifier but also strengthens the body's immune system against diseases. The Neem tree gets flowers in the month of April(which is considered as the Spring season in India, so not only Raw mangoes are available during this time but also the Neem tree is in full bloom) in India, but the flowers can be shade-dried and stored for up to a year. So you can use fresh Neem flowers or the dried ones available in stores. This dish is known in Tamilnadu as Vepam Poo Pachadi and in Andhra Pradesh as Ugadi Pachadi. It is usually made on their respective New-year's day. The neem represents sorrow and the Jaggery represents happiness, indicating that life is bittersweet.
Neem flower - 2 tsps
Grated jaggery - 4 tsps
Tamarind - 3 tsps
Red chilly powder - a pinch
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Salt a per taste
Oil - 1 tsp (Recommend Gingelly oil)
Finely chopped raw mangoes - use one small mango
While choosing the raw mangoes, choose half raw-half ripe mangoes(more towards the raw though), the mangoes you choose must be hard but with a sour-sweet smell.
You can use either Tamarind or Tamarind paste. Incase you are using Tamarind, then boil the tamarind in 1 and 1/4 cups of water. Once soft, Ensure there are no seeds and run it in the mixie till you get a smooth paste, to this add water. Using Tamarind is better than using tamarind paste.
Now add the finely chopped raw mango pieces to the juice. Boil till mango pieces are tender. Once the mango pieces are tender, Add jaggery, let it cook till it melts. (Jaggery is added because Neem flower is bitter). Switch off the gas and keep aside.
Heat oil, add mustard seeds and when it splutters, add neem flower and fry till light brown, Add the Red chilly powder and salt and mix everything well. Mix this to the prepared tamarind juice. Your Vepam Poo Pachadi is ready.
Do not overindulge in this delightful chutney. It is heaty. Do serve it with lots of love but in small quantities.


  1. wow...this is totally new,..nice entry for the event

  2. nice one sukanya..never tasted chutney with neem flowers,,beautiful entry!!!

  3. Hi Sukanya, beautiful beautiful entry, i love it!!!
    thank you!
    Jul 26

  4. Neem chutney that too with mangoes sounds interesting iam gonna try this out. I think we can make lavender ice cream without eggs but i never tried it. Soon i will try it out and let you know. Yourhobbies and crafts blog is cool.

  5. To be very honest, this is the first time when i got to know about flower chutney. I am very excite to check it once. SEO India

  6. Thank you for sharing this blog this is really good
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  7. Thank you for sharing this blog this is really good
    i like Send Cakes to Ghazibad


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