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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


One of the forms of prayers is Mantra. It is defined as–"Mananen trayte iti" that which protects us by constant pondering. Mantras need not necessarily have a meaning. Mantras are so designed that they create certain vibrations in our body whether we are listening to them or whether we are reciting them ourselves. Since they are effective with the vibrations, they cannot be translated into any other language. They are like proper nouns, which have to be same irrespective of language. This also gives an open invitation for others to devise their own Mantras if they can. There is no bar. Only condition is that test your Mantra thoroughly for positive effect and early results for your own benefit.
Negative effects of vibrations are well known to all. Vibrations caused by noise, aeroplanes, bombs & earthquakes play havoc in our lives. Similarly the soothing vibrations received through patting, rocking, good music, and melodious voices of good speakers, singers, breeze etc, which affect us positively. They comfort us, calm us, put us to sleep and refresh us. They bring even a morose* to life. If simple vibrations can do so much good to us, imagine, what miracles properly designed mantra can do for us!

Let us now come to one of the important mantras. The most important is the monosyllable – Aum. Aum is so designed to generate vibrations, which originate at the navel and climb up the spinal cord to reach up to the medulla oblongata and the brain, which controls all functions and actions of our body.

"Tasya Vachakha Pranavah", so says ‘Patanjali’ in the ‘Yoga-Sutra’. It means ‘Oum’ is the address of God. It actually throws light on God. It is the indicator of place of God, the real self i.e." the Brahman".
Interestingly, navel is the main and the first source of energy in the beginning of any mammal’s life. In the mother’s womb, when the embryo comes to life, it is the umbilical cord connected to the navel that gives us the life sustaining juices and the oxygen or the ‘Pran’
This chanting really kindles the dormant energy lying at the base of the torso and at the end of the spinal cord. It travels upwards during the vibrations and finally reaches the brain spreading the light everywhere within.
To feel the vibrations, one can do a simple exercise during the chanting of "Aum". Close your ears by both the hands, palms blocking the ears and the thumbs touching the rear side of the neck, wherein lies the medulla oblongata, other fingers going upwards closely touching the skull. Close your eyes. Continue the chant. You can feel the vibrations coming up, if Aum is chanted in the bass tone.
(I received this as a forward and thought that it would be nice to put in my blog for all to read)

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