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Monday, March 15, 2004


Face looks very tired and dull
·Drink plenty of water. By drinking water skin will become moisturised, softens and healthy. It is also essential to avoid all confectionery, chocolates, cakes, sweets, and soft drinks, which are high in sucrose. You can replace all refined, fried and processed junk food with whole grains, fresh fruits, and raw vegetables. Evening prime rose oil is good for healthy skin. Include wheat germ in the daily diet.
· Drink carrot and tomato juice every day. Apply honey and turmeric on the face before bath. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet especially that contain vitamin A and C like mango, papaya, carrot, green leafy vegetable, lemons, sweet lime, oranges, cabbage. Drink plenty of water.
· A raw cucumber rubbed over the face and neck will remove brown spots, blackheads, and wrinkles. Use each night.
·Turmeric Face Mask : The traditional mask is widely used in India especially at the time of marriages. The brides and even in some cases groom use it before marriage to have a glowing skin. Try it some time and you would see why this home remedy is used just before such occasion.
The ingredients for it include, 2 tsp turmeric powder, half-cup gram flour, 2 tsp sandal wood powder, 2 tsp almond oil.
Use above with a little water to make a smooth paste. The paste could be applied on the face as well as whole body. Leave it for 5-10 minutes before washing it off. It works as a natural bleach.

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