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Tuesday, December 2, 2003



-For tired feet, put some salt in a bucket of luke warm water and let them soak
-Use a pumice stone or scrubber regularly on the heels and soles of your feet, this will prevent calluses from forming
-Trim your nails and if u want to grow your toe nails then ensure that it is kept clean, Use a nail brush to remove the dirt and grime that gets stuck in the nails and this causes smelly feet.

Home remedies for corn
Calluses or more popularly know, as corn is the area of skin, which is thickened due to pressure, which is applied constantly to it. The primary difference between corn and calluses is that calluses are bigger in size and develops in the soles of the feet whereas corns are smaller and affects primarily the toes. Corn could be extremely painful and in some cases, it does not give any pain. It looks like a hardened mass, which looks yellowish. In the cases where it is not painful, there is a danger that it could grow and become painful at a later stage. Corn should not be ignored. Corn is a problem, which is faced by nearly all the people during some part of their life. Symptoms of corn include patches of hardened and thickened skin primary in the points where shoes exert pressure. This could be caused if you wear firm slippers, warn out shoes or ill fitting shoes.

Home remedies
·Application of castor or coconut oil softens the corn, which is other wise in a hardened form
·Turmeric powder also helps in corn. Mix turmeric powder with honey or holy basil oil and apply it on the affected areas.
·If your shoes is giving extra pressure on your feet then try a sole or replaceable pad inside your shoes.
·Papaya fruit milky juice could also be applied on the corn in order to remove it.
Home remedy for cracked heels:Lack of moisture and oil could lead to cracked heels.

Feet care for cracked heels
-Massage your feet once in a week with glycerin and oil
-Use a good moisturizer daily.

Home remedy for enlarged veins

-Wearing high heels could cause this problem. Other reason for this type of problem occurs to people who have to stand for longer hours.
-Feet care for enlarged veins:
-Avoid wearing very tight shoes
-Get a little rest during day. Take off your shoes and rest your toes higher then your head.

Home remedy for blisters

If you were wearing tight footwear that pinches your feet, you would get blisters. Wearing very loose shoes will also not help too as constant rubbing can also give rise to blisters.
Feet care for blisters
-Do not wear the shoe which caused blisters until blister has dried.
-Puncturing blisters could infect your skin.
-Good talcum powder on blisters would keep them dry.
-Apply an antiseptic cream over blisters when at home.

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