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Saturday, October 4, 2003


My aim to include this particular section in my blog is to preserve our traditional home remedies, which are so simple, easily available and good for the body system and don’t have any side effects. I hope for each and everyone to benefit from these. As we are progressing we are loosing touch of all these home remedies and have started heavily relying on western medicines which have harmful chemicals and side effects too. Simple ailments can be cured with a simple remedy available at home or the backyard garden and need not be treated with expensive visits to the doctor and harmful chemicals ingested into the body.
Home remedies are treatments of certain common ailments using household items and techniques. They are effective in curing certain common ailments like cough, cold, sore throat, headache, fever, sprains, pains, itches, cuts, etc. These remedies may not have a scientific explanation, but have been observed to be extremely helpful in curing many ailments.
These remedies have been passed on orally from one generation to another. Most commonly these remedies are known as grandma's remedies since the old ladies in a house are generally well aware of these kinds of remedies. These remedies don't use any artificial or chemically synthesized medicines but instead use things from the kitchen like turmeric, mint, honey, ginger etc. It may also involve use of oils and other liquids.
Home remedies are becoming more and more popular among the new generation also since they save a lot of money that people generally spend in curing certain ailments using medicines. Home remedies are most of the time safe to use for anyone in any condition. However, there may be few catches here and there which a person needs know before applying these remedies.

These remedies are not sure shot and there effect are variable from person to person and place to place. They may be really effective on certain people while some may find it completely ineffective. Some may also find their ailment increased with the treatment. Therefore extra care is required before adopting any home remedy for any ailment. Home remedies have been a very important part of Indian homes since time immemorial. No matter how ever well developed science may get, home remedies will still be common in Indian homes.
In India, when a person gets sick, be it a child or an adult the first thing that the lady of the house does is use spices and herbs available at home to cure or ease the ailment. There is a fear for using Western medicines as it causes a lot of body heat and also has many side effects, whereas home remedies are absolutely safe and light on the stomach and the entire system. When one thinks of traditional home remedies one gets a nostalgic feeling associated with wise all knowing grandmothers and simple, natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger, pepper, and honey. Members of the older generation in India relied heavily on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, as they were not convinced of the efficacy and safety of modern allopathic treatments. It was largely due to their experience and knowledge of the medicinal properties of various herbs that they were able to treat common diseases like diarrhea, gripes, cough, cold, fever, etc. Even today, it is quite common for parents to try to treat common illnesses at home by these methods rather than rush to the doctor at the first sneeze.

My aim is to be a guide for the younger generation, else we will loose all these secrets passed on by our wise ancestors.
I will try to cover the simple traditional remedies known as“ Naatu Vaidyam or Tribal medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha and Kerala herbal medicine, even Western home remedies. Have tried to add the different names by which the herbs are called(the English name, south Indian name and north Indian name of the herbs so that it can be easily understood by everybody.)
I will be happy to add more inputs(traditional remedies) that I receive from the people who visit my blog. If you would like to suggest a traditional home remedy that has worked for you, you can add it to the comments.

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  1. Renjusha Amsakrishnan
    May 12, 2015

    hi mam

    I am the mother of two lil one is 3 months old...she is having severe gas problem...every 15 days she is having this problem and she will cry in pain...I am breastfeeding her...when she gets gas problem she refused to drink milk also...she having problem in bowel movements.,.she will poop once in 10 she will be very fuzzy if she is not popping...

    Am in USA California and we don't get herbal products here....but I have sweet flag..,what should I do for her bowel movements?please help me for her gas pediatrician gave me only anti gas's not helping me..

    Plz advice... I am going crazy coz of lil one...

    Waiting for your reply
    Thanks n regards

    Dear Renjusha,
    Judging by what you wrote. I think you can help her at home with home remedies.
    First and foremost, ensure that you keep strict feeding timings. Even if your baby doesn't demand, feed her on time.
    Take Cumin seeds(Jeera), Fennel(Saunf/Sombu), Bishops weed(Ajwain/Omam), Dill seeds(Suva),All ingredients 1/2 cup and a teaspoon of coriander seeds,dry roast them and cool them and keep them in a box. Everyday you take 1 tablespoon of the mix and boil in water. This water when warm or cool administer to your baby. Do not give normal water. Whenever your baby asks for water, give her this water. This will help a lot with her gastric problem. All the above ingredients are easily available in the USA in any Indian stores.
    Rub pure Kadukkai(Chebulic Myrobalan) on a stone with some water and give him 1/4 tsp of the paste followed by some warm water. You can give this 3 times a day.
    You can also refer to the link below for herbal remedies, provided you can administer the herbs, if someone can get it for you from India.
    If you are breastfeeding her, try to avoid eating gastric food like potatoes etc. This will help your baby.
    For flatulence, Take some castor oil, warm it and then massage your baby's tummy in a circular motion. Start by putting a few drops in the navel and then massage around the navel in a circular motion. Do not do it very hard, Just apply light pressure. After you do that bring your hands downwards towards the pubic area. This helps with the flatulence and the release of gases.
    Hope these remedies help your baby and she gets better soon.
    As she grows up her digestive system will be stronger.
    Hope your baby gets well soon.
    God bless!!!
    Thanks and Regards
    Sukanya Yogesh


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