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Sunday, June 15, 2003

What to do when an Infant cries abnormally....

What to do when an Infant cries abnormally?
Whenever an infant cries abnormally for a long period of time, the parents need to find out what's wrong with him. Usually infants cry continuously because they are disturbed with something. It could be stomach pain, ear pain or anything that's making them uncomfortable. Since infants cannot talk they express it by crying.

What are the things to do when an infant cries?
1. Make sure that he/she is comfortable. Change his/her clothes and let him wear something loose & comfortable. A fresh pair of clothes could instantly make him /her comfortable. It is advisable to avoid synthetic clothing as this affects the baby's sensitive skin and may cause itching and a rash. Always use soft pre-washed cotton or Malmal (A soft thin plain weave fabric usually made of cotton or silk and dyed in pastel shades). Preferably use whites and non-dyed fabrics on the soft baby skin.

2. Check the baby's crib, blankets etc. Hope the baby is not bit by any insects/bugs. Babies are always an easy target for the creepies' and crawlies.

3. Do not wrap the infant in a cloth, just let him/her loose. Swaddling is confining and may restrict a baby's movement, it will irritate the baby furthermore if he is already irritated.

4. Give the baby some water / breast milk to soothe him/her.

Inspite of all this, if the baby still continues crying,

1. Check all the body parts of the baby for any rashes, insect bites, redness or discoloration. If you don't find any
2. Lightly press the baby's stomach, ears and back. The baby will react immediately if he/she is experiencing pain in any of these areas.

Till you can reach a medical practitioner,  Let the mother carry the baby or keep the baby close to her and keep assuring the baby by gently caressing, singing/ talking to the baby.

Try to soothe the baby by gently massaging the baby and take the baby to a medical practitioner. Let the medical practitioner know your observations.

Refer to the below link for a very interesting read about communicating with your baby with the dunstan system

Click here to know more.


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